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Stores in Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of around 174 million people. Lagos alone contains more than 21 million people. So you can imagine how overcrowded the streets are. Just a simple trip to the local shopping center can take up your entire day. This is one of the reasons that Nigerians are looking at alternative ways of shopping and the main reason why Nigerians have come to love online shopping. Ecommerce in the country is growing exponentially as the amount of mobile phones and data plans available to the average citizen increases, allowing people to buy and sell online, at an unprecedented rate. Online shopping outlets have also started targeting the middle class due to the increased purchasing power, which is directed related to economic growth in recent years. Online shopping appeals to people in Nigeria for several reasons. The main reason is that it is convenient. People no longer have to spend hours stuck in traffic just to get to a traditional retail outlet. This means that they save time and effort. Secondly, you don't have the pressure of a salesperson standing over you, and you can browse items and shop at your leisure. Items are conveniently delivered to your door. If you are buying gifts for loved ones, you can have the goods delivered straight to them. This saves you a trip and the hassle of traffic and congestion.

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Stores in Nigeria

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Other Reasons to Shop Online in Nigeria

The most popular online retailers in Nigeria, do not keep any inventory as they work on something called Marketplace model, so they basically advertise products from various sellers and are able to offer goods at cheaper prices. The amount and range of products is very appealing to most people who shop online. The fact that you can browse many different categories of items from food and apparel to electronics and books, all from the comfort of you home, makes online shopping rather attractive. Most online retailers in Nigeria offer a Cash on Delivery payment option. This offers more security to the buyer as they are able to literally inspect the goods before making payment. In cases where the item is defective, the buyer can refuse to pay, until the receive an item that works as described on the retailers site. Online store reviews plays a big role in whether people attempt to shop online or not. There are some people that are naturally paranoid and will refuse to so anything if there is the slightest possibility or hint or risk. However, there have been more and more people making their first purchase online, thanks to the good reviews that are being given to companies by previous customers.

There are many benefits to shopping, however, you should take extra precautions when you shop and one of the best ways to do that is by carefully selecting which online stores you shop at. There are various stores in Nigeria that are reputable and trustworthy, you just need to know how to find them.

Top Online Stores in Nigeria

This retailer concentrates on consumer electronics, home ware and appliances as well as clothing. They deliver nationwide, with free delivery in Lagos. You also have a choice between different payment methods such as cash on delivery, point of sale purchase via mastercard or visa and bank deposit. The website has a professional appearance with a user friendly interface. The company also has an established social media presence, with literally more than 700 000 Facebook followers and a strong presence on Twitter as well.

This website is much like as they retail consumers electronics, home appliances, DVD's and fashion items. Their website is simple enough for the average person to navigate and their pictures are of high quality. The company offers 2 payment methods, which are cash on delivery and prepay via debit or credit cards. You qualify for free delivery in Lagos if you spend above N10000. They also have a strong social media presence.

This online retailer stocks goods related to shoes, clothes, jewellery, accessories, glasses and gifts and gadgets. They offer 4 payment options, which are bank deposit, bank transfer, via debit or credit card and alternatively, you can walk into their offices and make a payment in person. They have a good website, however, it could be better. Their online presence when it comes to social media is not as good as and, however, they have a small fraction of loyal followers.

This online retailer used to operate for years as a traditional shop, now they have taken their business online. They sell branded phones. A few of the brands that they stock are Apple, Samsung, Sony Experia and Nokia. You may pay via cash on delivery, bank transfer and online payment using an ATM card. They offer nationwide delivery at a cost. is an online marketplace much like Ebay. People can sign up and sell their goods. Some brand new and others used. You can find almost anything on this site from used cars to machines. They have many followers on Facebook and Twitter. Although their website could do with some work, is well known because of its popularity and large range of items on sale. This retailer also operates in Morrocco, Ghana, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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