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Consumers in Nigeria have the opportunity to enjoy shopping for luxury items, thanks to the opening of Coliseum Online Store in Lagos. The shop ships only to addresses in Nigeria, so if you have a hankering for a handbag from Hulme, this is the place to browse. Call Monday to Saturday during business hours. Their website also links users to live chat.

Products at Coliseum

Almost everything at Coliseum is fashionable, trendy, chic, and stylish. Whether you are looking for a handbag, belt, or a watch, it's going to be a quality item. They carry clutch bags, dresses, men's and women's watches, and various accessories to accompany an excellent dress sense. Their anomalous toy section for children doesn't match Coliseum's trendy, sophisticated tone but children's accessories meet consumers' expectations of young and stylish products.

Search Sensibly

Don't waste your time looking at everything in a given category. Narrow your search to include just clutch bags or handbags; men's or women's watches; chronograph or classic. Select gift sets or his-and-hers packages. It would be helpful if Coliseum Online Store would also provide a sub-heading for materials (gold, silver, steel, and leather watches, for instance) and narrowed products by color, but customers have the option to select by brand if they wish.

Brands at Coliseum

While some brands are affordable, many are couture like Marc Jacobs and Chanel. For women there is Fossil, Hermes, Pandora, and others. Men can choose from Rolex, Michael Kors, Masterpiece, Patek Philippe, and other timepieces.

Affordable Prices

Many products are out of the average person's price range but there are sub-sections which lead shoppers to affordable items. You will see watches priced from 1,999 Naira and up. These are still lovely, just not associated with a fashion house like Fendi.

Dresses at Coliseum Online Shopping

An entire section is devoted just to this article of clothing in its many styles and shapes. Select a formal gown, a slinky party dress, or a demure but pretty casual evening dress. Consider colors like green, pink, and wine; long flowing or short dress; and even a leopard print item. Coliseum bucks the American and European trend of showcasing skinny models, instead choosing real women with curves to show what these clothes would look like on a realistically rounded figure. Favored brands in this section include Marks and Spencer, Van Heusen, Anemon, and Celine.

Fashion for all Ages

You could be 15 or 50 and still find something to suit your age and attitude at Coliseum. Not only do they carry your style but also the pieces that make up a full outfit are here including shoes. Match a dress to complementary flat shoes and a handbag. Browse earrings and necklaces. They even carry wedding rings if you're a romantic shopper with an important proposal on your mind.

Shop Jumia Online Store NigeriaShop Jumia Online Store Nigeria

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