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Dealdey Online Store is one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria. With a wide selection of merchandise, an easily navigable website and flashy ads, Dealdey ranks in the top 5 of the best online stores in the country and is known to a majority of online Nigerian users in the country and abroad. Dealdey is an online discount and shopping store.

The site opens to a navigation panel with buttons for City, Home, Fashion, Gadgets as well as a button for all merchandise. This makes it easier for shoppers to narrow their options down by clicking on the category they are looking for and searching in the drop-down menus for that specific category of the item they want to buy.

Clicking on a specific merchandise will bring you to the product details which also contain information on warranties and delivery information. Product pages also come with images of the products.
The cart is where shoppers can find the items they have chosen for purchase. Shoppers can buy multiple items at a time.

Dealdey offers a variety of payment options including major credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard as well as cards issued by national banks. It also allows for payment on delivery.

The site is clean, nicely laid-out and easy to navigate. The drop down menus make searching easy and check-out is also fast. Users like the amount of detail placed for each product and the fact that the site also automatically generates recommendations based on items searched and bought.

One of the most common complaints about Dealdey is the delay in delivery, particularly due to the lengthy payment verification process. Apparently, the site cannot accept debit or credit cards directly, but requires buyers to deposit payment to the store's bank account before the payment is credited to the user's account on the site. However, other customers were able to buy directly with their credit cards, so this could be a minor bug in the payment process that needs to be addressed. Another gripe that most customers have is that the store's staff is hard to reach and do not reply to customer emails right away.

While this is a great site with great options for those who prefer to shop online in Nigeria, trust and inefficiency issues are causing potential customers to look elsewhere for their shopping needs. Dealdey boasts of a great website, regularly updated products and regular deals, but it needs to improve its customer support and improve its payment methods if it wants to offer optimum services to its customers.

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