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Jumia Online Store Nigeria


Though online shopping isn't likely to overtake the conventional method in the near future, it's certainly becoming widespread in Africa. Shopping online has various benefits. There are many discount offers that aren't available at conventional outlets. One can also do it from the convenience of their house or office. Not to mention the joy of selecting products without constant pressure from sales people. The Jumia online store is one such place where people can purchase various products online.

Jumia is a shopping platform that operates in various African countries. Here, one can browse and shop for a wide range of products, from books to garments and consumer electronics. The site receives numerous visitors looking for quality yet affordable products. There are a number of reasons why Jumia is highly popular. The site allows clients to browse and select products either from the web or using apps in their smartphones. The latter are reported to give users a far better browsing experience. One isn't required to pay for the products they select. All that is required is for them to place an order. Payment is made when the products are delivered and the client confirms that they're indeed what they ordered. The site also offers deals and discounts on select products from certain brands.



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Though the homepage appears busy, one can navigate through with relative ease. On the homepage, there are a number of things. These include featured listings where one can find products from top brands. Under product categories, one can browse through items ranging from fashion, hot deals, health beauty, home and living, and much more. Under the deals section, there are special deals offered by the site.

There are also fashion stores for both men and women. Here, one can find featured dress items, lingerie and more. Other sections include books, computing products and tablets, as well as mobile phones.

The product listing page appears when one clicks on a certain item. Here, there are several pictures depicting the item along with the price. There's also a brief description that outlines the product's features. Ratings and reviews along with recommendations are also provided.

How Does it Work?

The site's registration process is quite easy. One is required to provide their full name, contact details, and a few other pieces of information. This is mandatory for anyone who wants to shop on the site.

At Jumia, there are literally thousands of different products, which are separated according to category. One can either browse through specific categories or search for whatever they're looking for. Once they find the item, they simply need to click on the 'Buy now' button. A shopping cart pops up, after which one can either check out with their order or continue browsing. All selected items are saved in the cart until the client is ready to checkout with their order.

There are various payment options one could use. One could transfer cash from their bank account, pay on delivery or transfer the funds online with their debit or credit card. In countries where mobile payments are possible, this option could also be used to transfer the money.

Jumia is one of the most popular sites, especially among the tech-savvy contemporary urbanites. This is due to the wide array of items offered along with the special deals and discounts. The convenience of online shopping also adds to Jumia's growing popularity.

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