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Konga Online Store Nigeria


Online shopping has become a multi-billion dollar business. It's a trend that has started catching on even in developing countries. The Konga online store is a Nigerian online market place that stocks items ranging from home appliances to beauty products. The site also functions as a third-party seller. The Konga.com website is slick and easy to navigate with high quality images of the merchandise on display. The site's popularity can be attributed to the low prices offered on popular items, which gives it an edge over competing online stores. They also try to market the site aggressively.

Buying Products on the Konga Online Store

Konga.com can be accessed through a laptop or any other device connected to the internet. Next, one searches and selects the product they wish to buy. If it isn't displayed on the homepage, they could try browsing the category or name of the manufacturer. There's a tab on the left side of the homepage to help with this. Clicking on the product reveals some details about the item. If one is satisfied with the description, they can add it to the cart then either proceed to checkout or select other items they wish to buy.


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At this point, one is required to sign in if they're not registered on the site before. This is easy; one could either use their email address or use their Facebook or Google+ account. The latter option allows quick and fast filling of forms.

After registering, one is requested to provide a billing address. The client's permanent residential address could work, if this is where they want their products delivered. It's important to submit an address where one expects to reside for about a week if they're travelling. The site also asks clients to provide landmarks close to their residency. This implies to any major or popular structure that is closes to their address.


There are several options when it comes to making payments. One could either pay immediately via an electronic transfer from a debit or credit card or opt to pay upon delivery. The choice largely depends on personal preference.

A printable page showing the details of ordered product appears. One should keep in mind that there's a fee for shipping and transportation. For subsequent shopping, one could decide to continue using the billing information provided earlier or edit it to suit their present location.


The site reports that merchandise will be delivered within 2 to 7 days. It's important to ensure that the phone number provided in the billing details is the main line. The shippers could either deliver to one's doorstep or ask the client to meet them at the selected landmark. If, for any reason, one isn't satisfied with the product they ordered, Konga.com has a return policy. One simply sends an email at help@konga.com to request a swap.

The Konga online store is also highly popular among merchants. All that's required is to sign up on Konga.com by filling in some personal details. At no cost, the merchant gets an online storefront as well as a personal account officer. They can then begin selling their merchandise to numerous buyers.

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