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Each manufacturer releases dozens of new laptop models each year. On top of that, devices are split between a half-dozen or so categories. Performance, size and weight, battery life, and extra features vary across these general categories. Consumers may experience challenges trying to find the right laptop. For the best results, it's vital to base this choice on daily needs.

Check out this Laptop Buying Guide for assistance in making a purchase:

Budget Laptops

Such devices often feature a low-end processor, HD screen, and average battery life. However, build quality is often lacking with regards to the trackpad and keyboard. Budget laptops are perfect for surfing the Web and streaming content. Basic users won't have a problem with performance. For anything beyond the basics, budget devices won't meet demands for users.

Mid-Range Laptops

Most mid-range laptops start to feature more powerful internals and sometimes Full HD screens. They're better at multitasking and basic gaming on low settings. With a higher quality screen, movies and other content look noticeably better than budget devices. Moderate multitasking won't hinder the higher-powered processors that tend to come with mid-range laptops.

Ultrabooks and High-End Laptops

At this price range, laptops feature excellent processors and high power efficiency. Ultrabooks prioritize portability, processing power, and battery life without making compromises. A non-Ultrabook often opts for a powerful processor that takes a slight toll on portability and battery life for performance gains. Also, these laptops commonly feature sleek designs.

Gaming Laptops

Budget and mid-range laptops never feature dedicated GPUs. Ultrabooks and high-end laptops rarely feature them, either. On the other hand, gaming laptops offer the best processors and mid-range to high-end GPUs. This allows for maximum performance in general tasks and heavy gaming. Performance doesn't match desktop CPUs and GPUs, but gaming on the go becomes possible.

Two sacrifices are made to achieve such performance, though. Don't expect a gaming laptop to be slim or feature excellent battery life! All that hardware makes gaming laptops big.

Closing Thoughts and Considerations

Potential buyers often make the mistake of choosing numerous laptops before choosing the right category. To avoid problems, each buyer should figure out what they need from their laptop on a daily basis. Basic users need nothing beyond a budget laptop, but power or business users need something far more. Picking a category and then choosing devices within that category makes the entire buying process easier in almost every case.

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